This Christmas experience took place during our Christmas Mini's weekend at our studio located in Highland, MI.


This session was so incredibly fun and also exciting for me! This Christmas Kitchen Mini was a gifted session to my best friend and her brother in-law from her Mother in-law (his mom), Michelle. I can't even express how excited I was when she messaged me asking how to book a spot for these two cuties, Jack & Macie!

At 2 1/2 years old, you can only imagine the amount of fun we had when we brought out the cookies for these two!

And let's not forget about the flour and cookie dough! Oh boy, this had to be their favorite part. These two were ripped and tearing through that flour and cookie dough like no other, making us laugh so much at their excitement!

LOOK AT THESE FACES!! They were just too adorable!

And of course we got some individual portraits before the messy fun happened. I still can't get over this cuteness!

Thank you so much to the Michaels family for such a fun and memorable experience! We hope Jack & Macie had as much fun as we did celebrating the holiday with you!