This fun Christmas experience took place in our studio located in Highland, MI.


Sam, Andru, and their sweet daughter, Livia, came to visit me to capture some Christmas memories on Sunday, December 5th. I was so excited for this session because this family has been there for my own since the minute we became neighbors. Their daughter is the most adorable and sweetest little girl, and it shows how much they adore her in these photos!

Livia was SO excited to be eating cookies with me, her mom told me that it was all she had talked about the week prior to coming in (which melted my heart!)

I mean-- just look at this cuteness overload! How could it not melt my heart?!

As for most of the families that came through, the making cookies experience was the best! I couldn't believe how much fun she had making cookies with us! I even had to dodge some cookie dough being thrown in the air!

Thank you so much for coming out and celebrating the Holidays with me, Timm Family! I adored your session and had a blast with you all!