Cake Smash

detailed shot of cake and baby toes covered in frosting
1st birthday - cake smash sessions

Your Cake Smash Experience

All Cake Smash sessions are done Monday - Friday only, in Natasha's cozy studio which located in Highland MI (right off M-59). These sessions are so much fun and absolutely capture your baby's personality! We celebrate your baby's first birthday with a theme of your choosing, a yummy cake to smash into, and a fun bubble bath cleanup (in an adorable bathtub perfectly sized to fit your baby)!

These sessions are all-inclusive to ensure you will have the most relaxing and stress-free experience possible, meaning you don't have to bring anything besides yourselves to the session! We provide a custom-themed backdrop of your choosing,

Included in all Cake Smash Sessions:

1 outfit perfectly matched to your baby's theme

Delicately made props for prior to cake smashing portraits ie; baskets/crates/beds/chairs

Backdrops and accessories provided

Choose from Balloon Garlands, Props, Cut-outs, and more!

Cake provided by Moozies Cake Studio

Bubble Bath Clean Up with a tub perfect for your baby!

A fully stocked studio for all of baby & mom's needs

Refreshments such as coffee, juice, and water are provided

Small snacks provided while you wait

A complimentary in-studio ordering appointment 1-2 weeks after your session has taken place

A gallery with at least 30-60 images to choose your favorites from

All Packages come with a set amount of digital images included.

A print release is included with your digital images.

You will have the option to add additional images and/or products to your collection package at your ordering appointment if you wish to do so.


1st Birthday Cake Smash

Studio Cake Smash Session with purple florals and large number ONE

Cake Smash Moments


1 Hour in studio
1 Smash ouftit provided
1 Custom-themed backdrop provided
Cake provided by Moozies Cake Studio
Bubble Bath clean up
12 edited images provided in an Online Gallery
In-Studio Ordering Appointment

Train Cake Smash Session with blue tones and whites

Cake Smash Keepsakes


1 Hour in studio
1 Smash ouftit provided
1 Custom-themed backdrop provided
Cake provided by Moozies Cake Studio
Bubble Bath clean up
20 edited images provided in an Online Gallery
In-Studio Ordering Appointment


cake provided by moozies cake studio

All cakes are provided in your baby's 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session! These cakes are baked with white cake with a yummy vanilla buttercream frosting to create a clean look but a fun & messy experience! Each cake is made by Amanda in her cake studio and hand delivered the morning of your session.
*Please note, cake is not provided if your child has a severe allergy*


Whats included?

Included in all cake smash sessions are:
1 backdrop custom created to a theme of your choosing
1 outfit to match your theme
1 cake by Moozies to match your theme
Bubble Bath clean up after the cake smash portraits

Do I need to bring a cake if my baby has allergies?

Yes, if your baby has a severe food allergy I will have you sign a waiver form and you will need to bring your own cake to the studio. You will be reimbursed for the amount the cake costs.

Can you make a custome theme?

Absolutely! I adore creating custom themes for my clients! If you have a specific theme in mind, please don't hesitate to reach out! I can create anything from characters, to themes, to simplistic sets with just balloon garlands or a solid backdrop!

What is an ordering appointment?

Our ordering appointments consist of coming back to the studio 1-2 weeks after your session has taken place. During this appointment, we will have your images ready for you to view and choose from. This appointment is exciting for most parents because you get to see your images for the first time, displayed on our TV in a slideshow format. After you've viewed your images, you will have the opportunity to go through and choose the ones you love the most and wish to keep! At this appointment, you may also add additional images to your gallery or products such as albums, wall art, gifts, and more!

What is a Bubble Bath Cleanup?

Bubble Bath Cleanups are usually a baby's favorite part of their session! We have a tub, specifically designed for 2 years and under, that we fill with warm water and a hypoallergenic bubble bath soap. They get to splash, play, and clean up the leftover cake mess on them and we capture all the smiles!

Is cake included in my session?

Nope, we have your cake covered! We are partnered with Moozie's Cake Studio, which is located in Woodhaven MI. Your cake is custom-created and designed to match the theme of your session. Our cakes are hand-delivered the morning of our session. Your cake will be created with white cake and yummy vanilla buttercream frosting for all the messy fun!

Do you have Cake Smash Themes I can choose from?

Absolutely! Although not all two sessions are the same, I can recreate a theme I've done in the past for you!

When should I book my session?

It is best to book your session at least 1 month prior to your baby's first birthday. This way you have enough time to get your images completed and delivered to you before your baby's 1st Birthday.

Are family photos included?

No, I do not include family photos with Cake Smash sessions, as these sessions take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to complete. With family portraits added to a cake smash session, you risk your baby being done with being in front of the camera and too tired before they even get to their cake.
We do offer family photos separately if you would like to know more about our family sessions, click on the family tab under investments.


"Our experience with Natasha was nothing short of amazing. She was incredibly gentle and patient the entire session with our girl which made our time with her very relaxing and enjoyable! Natasha is a master at her craft and it shows in our photos! Highly recommend!"

Melanie T.

"From the very beginning, Natasha was warm, personable, and friendly. Her new client guide was so tremendously helpful. Her studio is so cozy and beautiful, too. But what really sets Natasha apart from any other photographer is not only her keen photographic eye but how delicately and wonderfully she handles newborns. You can tell she really cares about the babies she photographs. The final product she provided us exceeded any and all of our expectations."

Arielle J.
Babys toes with white cake