Hartland, MI

Best Advice From Your Hartland Newborn Photographer 

Becoming a Newborn Photographer has been a passion of mine since 2016. It's absolutely amazing that I now have the privilege to say I am one, and that I serve all of the Southeast area and including Hartland! My studio is based in Hartland, MI but I have clients traveling to me from all over the state. Even out of state clients who have scheduled their newborn sessions while visiting their family in Michigan. It's been such a humbling experience getting to work with such amazing families and capture such wonderful images of their newest little love. Most that know me will say I have had a passion for working with children & babies for many years, starting from going to college to work in the pediatric field - to working with children & families in a Family Practice.

I find it to be an honor to capture precious photos that parents adore. It's the best feeling in the world when I get to see their faces & hear their reactions to what I create for them. Knowing I can provide a one of a kind experience for parents, that is affordable, is such an amazing experience that I wouldn't change for the world!


Working with newborn babies can require a lot of patience and care. It also requires knowledge in newborn safety when posing a baby in props and more. Each of my unique wrapping styles are done in a way that I know baby is safely swaddled and secure. I also take my time when posing a newborn baby, it often can be a long process because I want to make sure your newborn is handled safely with the most care. Most of my families are astonished by how much attention to details I have during this process and how patient I am with their newborns. (Truthfully, many parents call me a "baby whisperer" or often tell me they want to take me home because of this). You can rest easy knowing I am certified and trained by some of the best newborn photographers around the world. I have trained with Denise Urness from Appleseed Photography, I have also trained with Lisa DiGeso from Milk & Honey Photography, and 19 other newborn & maternity photographers. I have also passed and been certified by APNPI for how to handle and pose your newborn safely. These workshops give me the knowledge in how to take care of your baby safely in my studio as well as how to create these beautiful images you'll love for generations!


Your newborn's safety is SUCH an important thing and I assure you I will always pose your little one safely and comfortably. There are specific images that your little love will not be able to do on their own which will require my training. Often times photos are done as "composites" which means I capture two images of the same position, both will have mine (or assistants) hand on babies head at all times to ensure baby will not be stressed or put in any harms way, and combine these two images in photoshop. A composite will give you those wonderful newborn images where it looks like your newborn is holding themselves up without ever putting your baby in harms way.

I am a Newborn Led Posing photographer, meaning I let your newborn tell me what she/he is okay with. Some babies are not physically able to do the same positions as other babies, and that's totally okay! I will try my posing flow but if your little one is showing me signs they can't or do not want to, then I move on to another position that is most comfortable with them. If there is a specific image you are wanting and baby isn't content with, as long as it's not physically straining on baby, I will come back to it after other positions. Sometimes baby may just need some cuddles and a good feeding in order to capture a certain pose.


Whether you're a first time parent, second, third, or so on, this moment with your new family is one of the most important and I want to capture it for you. As much as we want our babies to stay little forever, as parents we understand it goes by so quickly, which is why I want to capture this moment of your family right now. As a mom myself, I understand how hard it can be to have special photos of you and your little one, or you with your family. Most of the time we are the ones capturing the moment, so either we are behind the camera or taking selfies with our babies. Because of this, my newborn session comes with a complimentary family session, one where we can focus on your family as whole or even just "mom and me" poses. I aim to capture those intimate moments of just parents with baby, mom with baby, dad with baby, and if there's siblings I love to capture them together as well.

I promise you these are moments you'll never regret capturing!


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