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3, 6, & 9 month milestones

Many families choose to have their baby photographed several times during their first year of life. This is because during the first year, your little one grows and changes so quickly! Between midnight feedings and late nights, it's likely to feel like you are in a haze during these early days -- which means its easy to forget those little details of how tiny their toe were or those dimpled chubby knees. These milestone sessions help us remember what we hope to never forget!

Here's How it works:

Typically milestone sessions are done at 3, 6, & 9 months but can be done anytime before baby's first year. There are several “milestones” look for! Tummy time, sitting unassisted, and beginning to crawl are all signs it is time for a session!

3 Month Milestone: This session is all about your baby’s smile! As a parent, I think this was one of my favorite parts of those first few months. The way my sons lit up into a gummy toothless grin anytime they saw me just melted my heart. The focus of this session is to capture that smile and your baby’s expressions. Some babies will also be able to have some tummy time and place their head up. Rather than booking this session right at 3 months, plan to schedule this session when your child frequently smiles and laughs when they see you!

6-9 Month Milestone\Sitter Session. These sessions have to be some of my very favorite sessions! This session is all about the new skill of sitting up! This is also a time where parents really start to see big changes in their baby’s looks. They may have enough hair now to pull into a little sprout or clip back. Often a tooth has made its appearance! Typical age range is anywhere between 6-9 months depending on your baby’s development stage. Babies closer to nine months are crawling and can often hold themselves up standing if holding onto furniture – or holding onto your hands. Let’s face it this age is just adorable!

During all milestone sessions we will spend time prompting lots of smiles and expressions. We will also be capturing all those tiny details you don't want to forget, like their tiny hands, long eyelashes, little ears, etc.

Mini Moments


up to 30 minute session in studio

1 outfit change, if desired

1 unique setup with props included

10 high resolution + web size digital images

personal online gallery

print release

Essential Moments


up to 1 hour session in studio

3 outfit changes, if desired

3 unique setups with props included

15 high resolution + web size digital images

personal online gallery

print release

ALL Milestone SESSIONS HAVE A retainer of $150 to book

Payment Plans available upon request

Use this box to tell me more about your little one! Where are they at in their milestones? What would you like to capture to remember right now?