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Your precious miracle is only this little once...


How to select the right newborn  photographer for you...

I absolutely understand budget plays a big part in selecting a photographer, however there are a few important things you need to consider before booking  with any photographer. This is vital to me, because just like weddings, you don't get a do-over with the newborn stage. So doing it right the first time, is incredibly important. 

Safety. Newborn safety is the absolute number one in my books and plays a huge factor with newborn photography. There are many aspects to newborn photography that requires the knowledge of how to properly pose a baby that most people do not know about. Knowing how to safely pose and handle a newborn is so incredibly important and professional photographers can do that for you! Questions to ask are: who did they train with? Are the certified and up to date in newborn safety? 

Creativity. Do you love the photographers work? If you can't say yes to this question then do not book with them! Simply, don't settle. We put a lot of effort, time, and work into our art to create the perfect portriats for you. We want you to adore your photos for a lifetime! 

I am medically educated, fully credentialed, and fully vaccinated.  I have worked in the pediatric  & family medical field, along side one of the top pediatricians in the state of Michigan. I have mentored with some of the top photographers of the newborn industry. I am absolutely confident in my ability to properly handle and care for your newborn baby in my studio. I have trained in ways to wrap your newborn that reminds them of your womb and relaxes them into a sleepy and comfortable state. I can do all of this while making sure I create images that will make you tear up with joy when you see them. 

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