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Highland, Michigan Child Photographer | Olivia's Cake Smash Session

Updated: Apr 4

Birthday Smash Sessions. Yes, I offer them! And we have a BLAST!

What are they? Cake Smashes are sessions that are geared towards celebrating a baby's first & second birthday. The concept is simple: Decorations. Cake. Bubble Bath. Baby.

The process? Super fun, very messy, and ABSOLUTELY adorable!

I provide absolutely everything for my families who book a cake smash. Every little detail is thoughtfully put together to make the entire experience enjoyable for all involved (but especially for the birthday boy/girl!)

Unlike Newborn Sessions, where we take our time and do our best to keep quiet, Cake Smashes are loud, fast-paced and all about encouraging all of the funny expressions, actions and big smiles! This beautiful little one absolutely rocked her Cake Smash. Parents are often subjected to my terrible lullaby or even baby shark skills, but I am happy to say that my baby clients are usually perfectly happy with my off-note tunes!

I had little icing-footprints all through my studio by the end of the session. It didn't last long, but the gallery was wonderful! Mom was absolutely in love with how beautiful her images turned out and I am looking forward to having them back in my studio very soon. These images tell a perfect and joyful little story of the time that little Olivia turned TWO!

Pre-Cake Smash Portraits • Southeast Michigan Family Photographer

I love giving families the opportunity to celebrate their birthday baby and capture some beautiful portraits before things get messy!

First Birthday Photoshoot • Southeast Michigan Baby Photographer

Turning two is a big milestone! And I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to book a professional photographer and capture this fun and sweet (no pun intended!) milestone session.

Things Get Messy! • Southeast Michigan Cake Smash Photographer

This sweetheart was VERY good on her feet and ready to rumble! I had frosting little footprints all throughout my studio. Evidence of a wonderful cake smash session!

Scrub-A-Dub-Dub • Michigan Milestone Portrait Photographer Once we are done demolishing the cake, the tub is the next stop! This is always a baby's FAVOURITE part of the entire experience - splashing and playing in the tub!


Southeast Michigan Full-Service Family & Baby Photography Studio

Proudly providing a luxury full-service & professional photography experience for families from Howell, Brighton, Hartland, Holly, Fenton, Commerce, Milford, Clarkston, to even Troy, Northville, Novi, Wixom, and more!

Every detail of your customized experience is lovingly designed to create a beautifully emotional and heartwarming recollection of memories of your most treasured milestones and precious moments.

With a carefully curated menu of products to choose from, you hold complete control over what you decide to take home from your session and choose how your story will be told for years to come.

Hand in hand with an experienced photographer (hint hint, that's me!) who specializes in long-term solutions for your portrait needs, you will be dazzled and welcomed every time you choose Gold + Grace Photography as your photographer.

My services are highly sought-after and my calendar books out at least 2 months in advance. To book your session today, reach out to the studio and I will personally respond within 48-hours to learn more about you, your portrait goals, and how I can best help you in the pursuit of portrait perfection!

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