Future you will thank you!

At Gold + Grace Photography, your services doesn't have to end with digital images only! After all, you've hired a professional photographer - you should receive professional products! After many years of offering clients professional photography, I have learned that what my clients love most is the memories behind their images. With this knowledge, I have invested in finding the most perfect products for you, as there is nothing better than physically holding your baby's first portraits or hanging your family memories on your walls.

If you choose to add this option to your collections, I will assist you in every step! With color coordination from the correct sizes for your home to the wooden frame stain or album cover, I will be can help you choose the best heirlooms for you.

Wall Art


 We have a variety of framing and mounting options to create a perfectly customized framed wall art that boasts your styling preferences and makes your images custom fit to your home.


Our most luxurious option for wall art! Gorgeous contrast, ultra-modern design with a pearlescent print to add a tasteful shimmer to your portrait. This gorgeous wall art is protectively encased behind a high-gloss acrylic finish.


The classic version of traditional wall art. Your portrait is mounted onto canvas material for beautiful texture and stretched over a wood frame. Our canvases are finished with protective sealants to prolong and preserve the lifespan of your portrait.

Triplex Story Board

One of our client's favorites in the studio! Display three of your favorite images from your collection in a gorgeous album, perfect to share on your mantel/ coffee table, or to display on special occasions. With plenty of different options to choose from for your handcrafted cover, you can customize this gorgeous item to fit your style perfectly.

Heirloom Folio Box

Display your gorgeous matted folio prints in this luxurious album! Handcrafted with an acrylic cover, this item is certain to be the center of attention in your home! The cover of your album will come with a suede casing, you may choose the color that best matches you! Great way to protect your folio prints while displaying one of your favorite images in a beautiful acrylic casing.

Folio Prints

Display your favorite images from your session with these elegant matted prints. Each print is mounted on a thick board and framed in a white mat frame. These are the perfect way to display all your favorite images from your session, on their own, or to place in our heirloom folio box and sit out for special occasions.


No two books are ever alike! Your custom-designed album will tell your very own story. Easily a client favorite, your heirloom album will be forever beautiful and increase in its precious nature as it gets passed down from generation to generation.

Mini Albums

Yet another favorite of our clients- These albums are perfect for